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    Youth ice hockey for the East Bay in Northern California with rinks in Dublin and Livermore.  

    We offer programs from Recreational to Competitive, Co-Ed and Girls-Only, as well as Mixed and Pure High School teams.

    Team Gear

    Order team gear from the HockeyX website or contact our Equipment Manager.


    NorCal website

    Here is the link to the NorCal Youth Hockey Asscosiation website.


    Tri-Valley is a proud founding member of Golden State Elite.


    Livermore Rinks

    Directions to Livermore Rinks

    Bay Area Hockey Rinks

    Get directions to area rinks

    Mileage Chart

    Get mileage and approximate driving times to rinks

    Travel Team Practice Schedule

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    10A-1 5:15-6:30pm (TVI) 6:45-8:00pm (TVI) 6:00-7:15pm (TVI)
    10A-2 7:15-8:30pm (TVI) 7:30-8:45pm (TVI) 7:30-8:45am (TVI)
    10B 6:45-8:00pm (TVI) 5:45-7:00pm (TVI) 7:30-8:45am (TVI)
    12A 8:15-9:30pm (TVI) 7:00-8:15pm (DI) 7:15=8:15pm (DI)
    12B 8:00-9:15pm (TVI) 7:00-8:15pm (DI) 4:45-5:45pm (DI)
    LBD 12BB 6:30-7:45pm (TVI) 6:00-7:15pm (TVI) 10:30-11:45am (TVI)
    14A 7:30-8:30 (DI) 5:30-6:45 (DI) 6:00-7:00pm (DI)
    14B-1 6:15-7:15pm (DI) 8:45-10:00pm (TVI) 6:00-7:00pm (DI)
    14B-2 8:30-9:45pm (TVI) 5:30-6:45pm (DI) 6:30-7:45am (DI))
    LBD 14B 7:15-8:30pm (TVI) 7:15-8:30pm (TVI) 4:15-5:30pm (TVI)
    16A 8:15-9:30pm (DI) 8:30-9:30pm (DI)
    HS Varsity D2 8:15=9:30pm (DI) 9:45-10:45pm (DI)

    2019 NorCal and State Championship in Review

    In 2019 Tri-Valley sent six teams the NorCal Playoffs: 10A, 12A, 12BB, 16A-1, 16A-2 and 18A. and three teams to the CAHA State Playoffs 12A, 16A-1 and 16A-2.

    • The 12A team won both the NorCal Championship and the CAHA State Championship.
    • The 16A-1 team won the NorCal Championship and was a finalist for the CAHA State Championship.
    • The 16A-2 team won the CAHA State Championship and was a finalist for the NorCal Championship.

    Tri-Valley was the only team in California to have two teams win CAHA State Championships this season!

    Congratulations to all of our playoff teams!

    2018- 2019 Season Highlights

    The 2018-19 Season was a great one for Tri-Valley!  Here are some of the highlights:

    • First Lady Blue Devils team to play a NorCal competitive schedule!  The Lady Blue Devils 10B team had a great season finishing 11-7!
    • Tri-Valley also had a Lady Blue Devils 12B team play a NorCal  exhibition schedule and finished with 6 wins!
    • We had 6 teams make NorCal playoffs and 3 make CAHA State Playoffs.
    • We had 2 NorCal Champions and 2 CAHA State Champions, the only team in California to have two State Champions!
    •  We had 4 teams in Silversticks championship games. (14B, 16A-1, 16A-2 and 18A)
    • 16A-2 Won Silversticks and the Chicago Presidents Cup.
    • 16A-1 won the Cactus Cup tournament and the 16AA MLK presidents day tournament in Colorado Springs.
    • 12BB won the Winterfest Tournament in Denver in a shootout!
    • We had teams from our house program compete in Silversticks and in MLK weekend tournament in Anaheim.

    Congratulations to everyone on a great season!

    Congratulations to Our 2017-2018 Champions!

    Tri-Valley Blue Devils Past Years Champions!


    2019/2020 Travel Team Head Coaches

    10A-1 Phil Huynh
    10A-2 Sebastien Boutet
    10B Chad Asprooth
    12A Bill Davis
    12B Mike Mansell
    LBD 12BB Megan Brettingen
    14A Joe Carranza
    14B-1 Eric Lahrs
    14B-2 Peter Bibby
    LBD 14B Doug Miller
    16A John James
    HS Varsity D2 Todd Lyijynen

    To register as a Coach, Team Manager or Volunteer click on the link below.

    2019-2020 Age Chart

    Date of Birth Age Division
    2001 18U
    2002 18U
    2003 16U
    2004 16U
    2005 14U
    2006 14U
    2007 12U
    2008 12U
    2009 10U
    2010 10U
    2011 8U
    2012 8U
    2013 8U