Beginning this year, we will be posting Players of the Month for the Lady Blue Devils program as a whole. Each coach will be submitting a player they believe is the player of the month and why and once all are submitted, the player of the month will be selected and featured here.

Current Player of the Month

February House Player of the Month

CAROLYN HAANPAA (10U HOUSE TEAM): Carolyn has proven to the coaches over the past season that hard work and determination pays off. Carolyn puts in extra practice hours on the ice with her family. She also demonstrates a lot of discipline and patience on and off the ice. She plays with kids a lot smaller, some younger, and less mature than her, which is very challenging for anyone. She always demonstrates to the coaches and teammates she is a well rounded team player.

February Travel Player of the Month

MIKAELA WADEN (14U): Mikaela treats every practice and every shift as if it was the most important one she has been a part of. She regularly looks to the coaches for advice on how to improve as opposed to shying away from constructive criticism. Her focus and dedication have led to her being one of the clear beneficiaries of all the goodness that happens when a player takes practice and instruction seriously. Even after a late season move from Defense to Center, there was no gap in her effort and contribution. When it comes to hockey, it's all business with Mikaela and the team benefits from that type of dedication and focus.

Past Player of the Month


  • September: Alyssa Tansek 14U
  • October: Madaline Stevens 10U
  • November: Hannah Statham 14U
  • December: Kylie Crabb 12U
  • January: Su Hyun Cho 8U


  • September: Adrina Gutierrez 11+
  • October: Patricia Haider 10U
  • November: Maddie Garcia 11+
  • December: Casey Taddeo 10U
  • January: Sydney Roman 10U