Beginning this year, we will be posting Players of the Month for the Lady Blue Devils program as a whole. Each coach will be submitting a player they believe is the player of the month and why and once all are submitted, the player of the month will be selected and featured here.

Current Player of the Month

October House Player of the Month

PATRICIA HAIDER (10U House Team): Patricia is a new player for the Lady Blue Devils this year. Coach Jim Cooney picked Patricia because her playing ability has improved tremendously since September. She always has a great attitude on and off the ice. Patricia also works hard with her dad on the ice on her own time.

October Travel Player of the Month

MADALINE STEVENS (10U LBD X): Although she may be the smallest on the team, Madaline makes a difference on the ice for her team. Coach Doug Poland chose Madaline because she is always one of the first girls on the ice and the last one off. She is a ferocious competitor and a great teammate. This year, the team has a brand new goalie who she has taken under her wing to show her the ropes and is a wonderful mentor for her.

Past Player of the Month


  • September: Alyssa Tansek 14U


  • September: Adrina Gutierrez 11+