In 2019, we started honoring Players of the Month for the Lady Blue Devils program, both house and travel teams. Each coach will submit a player they believe is the player of the month and why. Once all are submitted, the player of the month will be selected and featured here. This will continue this year, so be sure to work hard on and off the ice to earn this honor! 

Current Player of the Month

House Player of the Month

Travel Player of the Month

Past Player of the Month

Travel (2019-2020)

  • September: Alyssa Tansek 14U
  • October: Madaline Stevens 10U
  • November: Hannah Statham 14U
  • December: Kylie Crabb 12U
  • January: Su Hyun Cho 8U
  • February: Mikaela Waden 14U

House (2019-2020)

  • September: Adrina Gutierrez 11+
  • October: Patricia Haider 10U
  • November: Maddie Garcia 11+
  • December: Casey Taddeo 10U
  • January: Sydney Roman 10U
  • February: Carolyn Haanpaa 10U