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Concussion Education

Concussion Training and Information

Concussion Training and Concussion Legislation

Tri-Valley has been a pioneer in concussion education and supporting programs such as baseline screening, concussion evaluation protocols, and training of coaches to be aware of the signs of concussions.   This season CAHA is supporting wide ranging education and training in compliance with the California State Law on Concussions.

CAHA has a comprehensive description which can be found here

Required Parent and Athlete Educational Materials

Below are documents which must be reviewed by parents and their athletes before the season starts as required by CAHA rules.    

The recommended online course on concussions is by the Centers for Disease Control and can be found at this link:

Players and parents must review and sign this document electronically on-line, 2017 education_one sheet_parent athlete signature sheet.pdf as part of the tryout and season registration process.

Below are additional documents for your review

2017 State of California Health and Safety Code 124235_Concussions.pdf

2017 education_one sheet_10U athletes.pdf

2017 education_one sheet_11-18U athletes.pdf

Jan 5 newsletter_final approved.pdf

My Story Daniel Battaglia.pdf

CAHA Concussion in USAH Magazine.pdf

CAHA_Top Concussion Misconceptions rev 0117.pdf

Concussion Education_Heads Up_ Jan 2017.pdf

concussion fact sheet_coaches.pdf

concussion fact sheet_parents.pdf



Additional Training and Information Materials

In addition to the materials above that have been provided by CAHA, our own Dr. Zonner has provided these additional documents which provide more medical details about concussions.

If you have any questions, please contact :

Tom Adrian

Registrar – Tri-Valley Minor Hockey

Tom Adrian

Tri-Valley Registrar

 Tri-Valley takes concussions seriously---

and why you should, too... 

In the least, every parent of a hockey player (big or small) should download the CRR free mobile app on their smart phone. This app helps you recognize whether a player is exhibiting and/or reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion so that you may respond quickly and appropriately.