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Lady Blue Devils

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Skill building for girls 8-12

At 6U/8U, players weebled and wobbled around the ice as they learned to skate, gained quickness and honed basic movements. At 10U, players are primed for skill development, such as stickhandling, passing, skating and shooting. For boys, the skill acquisition window opens between the ages of 9 and 12. For girls, it’s between 8 and 11. This article covers some of the basics.

Play Like a Girl from USA Hockey Magazine

We hope this article is of interest to our Lady Blue Devils! The article is all about the opportunities for girls and women in hockey and the growth the league has seen. Congratulations on being a part of it. You rock!

Girls Hockey Goods

Try Tri-Valley items first at Hockey X but if you don't find what you want there take a peak at the Cafe Press girl's hockey items. Show your spirit families for your girl hockey players!

Mercury News pictures

Pictures of our Open House event in the Mercury News. 8/2013

Open House

First Ever Lady Blue Devils Team 2013-2014