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Youth Ice Hockey Club Serving the Northern California Bay Area, with Ice Rinks in Dublin and Livermore.  

We offer Boys and Girls Programs Ranging from "Learn to Skate"  to Elite Tier I (AAA) Travel Hockey.

2023-2024 Tri-Valley Teams

This season we will be forming teams in all three USA hockey levels. We plan to continue the success of our AAA program that was a state finalist last season and our AA program where our teams have have participated in Nationals at the 18AA level multiple times, reaching as far as the National semi-finals and winning the NAPHL Showcase title.  At the travel level our teams have a track record of always being in the mix for NorCal and State Championships.  Most importantly we place an emphasis on development of the whole player from learning to skate to playing at the highest levels.   Skill development as well as the development of our players as good teammates is key to our success.
Tier I (AAA)
  • 13OAAA Bulls (Phil Huynh)

  • 12UAAA Lady Blue Devils (Matt Jefferson)

Tier II (AA)
  • 12UAA Bulls 2012 (Sebastien Boutet)

  • 12UAA Bulls 2011 (Phil Huynh)

  • 14UAA Bulls 2010 (John Devereaux)

  • 14UAA Bulls 2009 (Joe Carranza)

  • 18UAA Bulls (Mike Holmes)

Travel (A/BB/B)
  • 8U

  • 10U Lady Blue Devils

  • 10U 

  • 12U

  • 14U

  • 16U

  • High School Varsity

  • High School Junior Varsity

2022-2023 Season Highlights

Tri-Valley Blue Devils Past Years Champions!

2023-2024 TVMHA Head Coaches

Tri-Valley Mite X 8U Head Coaches

Team 1 - Clint Gibson

Team 2 - Ian Glover

Team 3 - Bjorn Hjelm

Team 4 - TBD

Tri-Valley Travel Head Coaches

10U Lady Blue Devils - Chad Asprooth

10U1 - Kevin Silva

10U2 - Justin Crudale

10U3 - Joe Castro

10U4 - Justin Chin

12U1 - Alex Kaplenko

12U2 - Jimmy Chen

14U1 - Dale Fedun

16UA - Doug Lang & Dave Curtis

High School Varsity - TBD

High School Junior Varsity - Tom Monsen

Bulls Tier I & Tier II Head Coaches

13OAAA - Phil Huynh

12UAAA Lady Blue Devils - Matt Jefferson

12UAA 2012 - Sebastien Boutet

12UAA 2011 - Phil Huynh

14UAA 2010 - John Devereaux

14UAA 2009 - Joe Carranza

18UAA - Mike Holmes


Helpful Resources

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Livermore Rinks

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CAHA Website

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Bay Area Hockey Rinks

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USA Hockey

Link to the USA Hockey website


Mileage Chart

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