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Back roads to the Livermore rinks from Danville or San Ramon


Back road route to Livermore rinks


Backroads to Livermore rinks for people who are near or go past Crow Canyon Rd or Sycamore Valley Rd.

- This route takes you on narrow 2 lane windy roads - not for those who get car sick easily
- Obey the speed limit, this is a safety issue for this route
- Pay attention to your driving
- Drive this route in daylight a couple of times to get used to it
- There are no street lights, so use extra caution 
- The route going looks different from the route back

Your GPS system may be able to navigate this, turn on the option of avoiding freeways.

Click for map: Google Map of route

Directions to the rink (takes about 35 minutes):
1. Take the Sycamore Exit EAST OR the Crow Canyon Exit EAST
2. Sycamore turns into Camino Tassajara, if coming from Crow Canyon, you will need to make a right onto Camino Tassajara
3. Continue until Camino Tassajara turns into a 2-lane road and you reach a traffic light
4. Turn left on Highland Rd
5. Follow it (the road will change names to Manning Rd) and come to end
6. You will have no choice but make a right onto N. Livermore Ave
7. Go less than a mile and make a left onto May School Rd.  (this can be a little tricky to find)
8. Make right on Dagnino Rd.
9. Make right on Raymond Rd. and follow that until it ends at N. Vasco Rd
10. Make right onto N. Vasco Rd
11. Make left onto either Preston Ave. (no light) 
    Industrial Way (light) and make a right onto Preston Ave.
12. The rink is at 6611 Preston Ave, Suite D

Going back:
1.  Take Preston Ave. West
2.  Make right onto Vasco Rd
3.  Make left onto Dalton Ave follow that as the street name changes twice
4.  Make right onto Dagnino Rd.
5.  Make left onto May School Rd. until it ends
6.  Make right onto N. Livermore Ave follow that as the street name changes twice
7.  Make right onto Highland Rd - TRICKY, it comes up suddenly without warning
8.  Highland ends at Camino Tassajaro, so make a right